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Sep 2021

It's Okay To Be A Nice Guy

The fine art of finishing first.

When I was in my 20s, I went to a lot of concerts in New York where I grew up. I had another friend named Chris who also liked to go to concerts. Chris used to drive me crazy because if I missed getting tickets to a “sold out” concert that Chris knew about, he wouldn’t tell me about it. When I asked him why he didn’t say anything, he’d just say, “Because I didn’t want to go.” I would ask him why he didn’t let me know in case I wanted to go, he just didn’t have an answer for that....

Sep 2021

It's True: Nice Guys Do Finish First

Be true to yourself.

In our crazy society, sometimes people we think of as being nice are considered weak. Being nice is not a sign of weakness. It’s an extra step we take to make sure that things don’t get done at any cost but done in a way that allows people to preserve their dignity....

Sep 2021

Step Up and Lead!

What all new leaders need to know.

Businesspeople who aspire to be leaders usually start out as entry-level employees. Many hope that one day, their talents will be recognized, and they will be promoted. And while this may be true for some people, it’s more likely that the opportunities around us will lead to our eventual roles as leaders....

Aug 2021

Beating Depression

Great tips from my very special guest blogger and speaker Michelle Patterson

I was living the “good life” — happily married, owned a thriving business, and had a great support system of family and friends. However, I found myself divorced and fighting to keep my business afloat. I entered a dark period in my life, filled with depression that made me withdraw from the very people who would have been able to help me the most. I gave up on basic self-care, let alone pampering myself, as things continued to get worse for me....

Aug 2021

How's Your Integrity When It Counts?

Handling moments of truth

Your biggest challenge as a leader will not be of your competency, your communication skills, or your popularity. By far, your biggest challenge will be maintaining your integrity.

When I first got into business, I was very disillusioned by the examples of leadership I experienced. For example, there was a married, bank branch manager having an affair with his secretary; my own supervisor telling me that if I didn’t add my unused entertainment allowances on my expense report, he would not approve my road trip; or a vice president of a consulting company who struck out the automatic-renewal clauses from our clients’ contracts prior to his resignation to start up his own competing business....

Aug 2021

Turn Your Contacts Into Contracts!

Making your networking payoff

Most people come up with excuses for not to go to networking functions. “I’m too busy.” “It takes too much time.” “I don’t want to give up my own personal schedule for something that may not amount to anything.” I would agree with these statements if I were going to leave the results up to chance. However, there are many things that you can do to help increase the number of customers you get from your networking efforts....

Aug 2021

Get Your Act Together

Organize your time

So, are you ready to admit that you have a time management problem? Don’t be embarrassed. You’re not alone. If you are an entrepreneur or if you are in sales, you are always going to have more work than you can get done. However, there are some key strategies you can employ that will greatly help you to organize your time.

The first key is to have an organized list of projects that need to get done. Making the list is relatively easy. Don’t worry about the sequence. Get everything written down. Feel free to keep adding additional items to the list as you think of them....

Jul 2021

Making Success Your Focus

Easy steps for following through.

I once had a coaching client say to me that she was very good at following through but that she wasn’t very good at following up. However, after she took the Focus, Follow Up, And Follow Through seminar, she said that she had it backwards. She was actually good at following up but not good at following through. It’s very important to know the difference.

Let’s say that you promised a prospect that you’re going to follow up with the answers to a proposal and a finalized price. You promise that you’re going to call by 2 PM on Friday. You call at 2 PM on Friday but you don’t get the prospect. You leave a message that you called. You’ve followed up, but you haven’t followed through because the prospect still doesn’t know the answers or the final price....

Jul 2021

Speaking Your Client's Native Tongue

Mastering the only 4 benefits people buy.

Continuing where I left off last week, I really want to encourage you to master the only four benefits people buy. Just to refresh your memory, people will only buy from you when you save them time, when you save them money, when you provide convenience, or when you give them peace of mind. The reason I keep reinforcing this message is because there is nothing more crucial to your sales success than understanding these benefits and making sure that they become part of your dialogue when you speak to your prospects and customers....

Jul 2021

Clarify Your Sales Message

Make it easier for your prospects to buy from you.

Did you ever try to make a sale to a prospect who you were certain would benefit from having what you sell, only to miss out on the sale because the person was not convinced enough to buy? I’m sure it’s happened to all of us.

One of the most rampant problems I see with salespeople is that they forget that what they know about the product or service is not what the prospect knows. It is our job as salespeople to communicate effectively and clearly so that our prospects understand why our products and services will benefit them....

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