USP Elaine Bledsoe

Elaine Bledsoe

Dave Romeo Seminars Hall of Fame
Sales Academy Graduate
Leadership Academy Graduate

Helping people to save time, space, waste and taste in their kitchens through home parties, microwave cooking classes and business events. Providing fund-raising opportunities for non-profit organizations and helping people to achieve their goals and dreams through career development.

I have known Elaine since 2001. She is the most dedicated, hardworking businesswoman I know. Her reputation is one of top-notch credibility and unquestionable integrity. She lives to see people achieve their potential and she is a master people pleaser. Whether you are looking for a bowl or a career, call Elaine first and you won't be disappointed.

May 11, 2015


Golden Eagle Enterprises (Tupperware franchise)

84 Loop Road

Quarryville, PA 17566