The Sales Academy

Dave Romeo is a proven personal results coach and a dynamic national presenter in the areas of sales, leadership, personal growth, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.

You won’t believe how well
this works for you!

Finally, a sales training program that can get results the same day you take it!

Why I believe in this course

When I first started out in sales, I was terrible. I only made 2 sales in my first year. I only made 1 sale in my second year, and one was with the assistance of another salesperson. He was laid off and he had more sales than I did. I didn’t have a formula for selling back then. However, once I learned how to use my own personal Ultimate Success Formula, my sales started to accelerate. I went from averaging 14 phone calls to close one sale, to averaging 14 sales per phone call! My annual sales went from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. I became the number one salesperson for my industry in the United States. When I saw how effective this was for my sales, I set out to create a program in which other salespeople could get similar results. That program became the Sales Academy.

Talk about fast results!

“Your Sales Academy is the first training that I have participated in outside of my complementary vendor trainings. I hesitated to do any more training this year, especially knowing that I would be taking a significant amount out of my budget for training. I started using the techniques that we learned in your class. I asked myself what I needed to do that was the closest thing to money. I quoted several packages that day and was able to close a $2000 sale after the very first class. The results were immediate and the strategies were easy to follow. I will continue to follow your instructions and know the results would be great!”

Suzanne Schrum
Aquamarine Travel

Here’s a look at the Sales Academy course outline

Professional phone skills
You will learn how to leave a compelling message that will intrigue prospects to call you back. You will learn what to say when you speak to a prospect for the very first time. You will learn how to ask for an appointment and get it.

Organizational sales skills
Number one salespeople are extremely organized. You will learn what they do and how to have everything you need to sound like the consummate professional when you’re speaking with a prospect. You will gain ironclad credibility and confidence — two qualities in a salesperson that are vitally important to prospects.

Become an Ultimate Service Provider
Once you learn how to become an Ultimate Service Provider, customers will stop seeing you as a vendor and think of you as a business associate and an authority in your field. It’s very difficult for your competition to compete against you when your customers see you as an Ultimate Service Provider.

Regaining your focus
No matter how good you are in sales, you will still experience occasional setbacks. However, you will learn the exact steps to take to get back on track as quickly as possible.

Once your sales are up and running, you’re not going to want to fall into your previous bad habits again. You will learn how to recognize the early warning signs so you can make sure you keep your momentum and stay focused on your sales success.

“I was really down and stressed out. I had lost seven deals in row. I needed to reevaluate my sales strategy. But after only taking the very first Sales Academy class and employing just one simple tactic, I generated $8000 in new coaching clients!

Tim Fives
Fives Squared

All sales is communication

A picture may be worth a thousand words but crystal-clear communication can be worth a million dollars. Many salespeople are so concerned about improving their sales skills that they never bother to first improve their communication skills. If you can’t communicate the benefits of what you sell, your sales results will suffer. I will teach you how to master your communication so that prospects will understand why they will benefit from buying from you.

3 new clients in 1 day!

“I signed up for the Sales Academy after noticing a huge drop in my sales. Even though I’ve been in my industry for 26 years, I still wanted to find out how to regain my focus. I had never taken any sales classes before. After my third Sales Academy class, I decided to go out on the road. I landed three new customers in one day totaling $19,000! Thank you, Dave, for delivering on your promise.”

Denny Cottrell
Cottrell Basement Waterproofing, LLC

The Ultimate Success Formula will change your sales results forever!


The Ultimate Success Formula is so important to a sales professional’s success that it would be almost impossible to be successful without mastering it. It consists of 4 key actions one must take. First, you must learn to commit to your commitments. This means that you don’t give up on something once you agree to it. You keep your word. Second, you must be super-responsive — that means you respond to customer inquiries and requests faster than even they would expect. Next, you must be congruent, which simply means that your words must match your actions. If you want to build trust with a customer, you must demonstrate your congruency. Finally, the key quality that ties the other three together is consistency. Consistency by itself doesn’t mean anything. You can be consistently late, consistently rude, or consistently sloppy. The key is to be consistently committing to your commitments, super-responsive to requests, and congruent in your words and your actions. This is the true key to success for any sales professional. When you learn how to master these qualities, your sales will grow exponentially.

“What I expected from your Sales Academy
was not what you delivered.

“You challenged your students in simplistic, easy-to-understand ways. Ways that take you on a journey of many single steps, but, when put together, leave you far down the path to success. I’m ready to sign up for more classes next year!!!”

Angela Drumheller

The Only 4 Benefits People Buy

At the heart of the Sales Academy is understanding that there are only 4 benefits that anybody ever buys. Customers will only buy from you if you save them time; if you save them money; if you provide convenience; or, if you give them peace of mind. Yet, through years of coaching salespeople, it never ceases to amaze me how few salespeople ever mention any of these 4 benefits to their clients. Understanding how to use these 4 core principles will change your sales results forever. After you take the Sales Academy, you will instinctively know which benefits your prospects care about most and how to introduce them into your sales presentation. Your customers will take you seriously and your sales will skyrocket.

Caring about the customer is
the most important part of doing business.

“I had been in sales for 23 years when I took Dave’s Sales Academy. His program was laid out so I could easily go back to study the fine points he provided. I am forever grateful for what I have learned from Dave and I will continue to take his classes and coaching for as long as I can. If you want an educator who you know cares about you and will take you as far as you want to go, then Dave is the guy for the job.”

Joe Benton

Why does this program work so well?

How do you create a sales program that works so well for salespeople in all different industries? Simple: it’s based on The Two Principles of Human Nature the need to gain pleasure and the need to avoid pain. All customers and all prospects understand these simple truths. When you apply these principles to sales, you make your life easier and you make your customers lives easier. 

How important are results to you?

“I had the pleasure of attending your Sales Academy. My sales the year before were $57,000. Although I lacked experience as a salesman, I utilized the keys of your course to include The Two Principles of Human Nature, The Only Four Benefits People Buy, and The Ultimate Service Provider Success Formula to build my reputation as someone who does what he says he will do. In the six months following the Sales Academy, I sold $980,000. My sales number for the following year topped $1.5 million. One year later, I generated $2.3 million in sales of which $1 million was from new clients!”

Chris Biddix
Biddix Enterprises, Inc.

The Sales Academy offers you a complete package for one low price. Just look!

• How to get prospects to take your phone calls.
• How to get prospects to return your calls.
• What to say to a prospect to get an appointment.
• How to sell with confidence and enthusiasm!
• How to overcome even the toughest objections.
• How to ask for the sale.
• How to close bigger sales in a shorter amount of time.
• How to speak in the language of the listener.
• How to sell the only 4 benefits people buy.
• How to develop your customized Ultimate Success Formula.
• How to craft your compelling story that never changes.
• How to put yourself in a category of one.
• How to break free of a downward spiral.
• How to use neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to develop instant rapport with prospects.
• How to close all the way through the sales process.
• How to get the world’s greatest testimonials from your customers.
• How to duplicate what number one salespeople in all industries are doing.
• How to master your communication with yourself and your customers.
• How to avoid getting beat up on your price.
• How to use goalsetting to change your life.

Using one lesson earned me
$50,000 in one phone call!

“When I signed up for the Sales Academy program, I was concerned about my sluggish sales. I never took a professional sales training program before so I wasn’t sure how effective the results would be. Because I was at my lowest point in sales, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, so I signed up. What happened next was unbelievable: After the third week, I received a phone call from a prospect I met three years earlier at a business expo. He had never ordered from me before and he gave me an order for approximately $50,000 a year. When he asked me if I could do better on the price, I followed my Sales Academy instructions and held firm. In the past, I would’ve probably cut my price. When I told him that it was nonnegotiable, he said that would be okay. Over the next five years, that lesson will translate into $250,000 in the sales. I’m so glad I decided to take the Sales Academy program.”

Kurt Brown
Brown’s Signs & Awards

Dave Romeo reveals his secret of the Sales Academy’s phenomenal success!

One thing I’ve learned is that success leaves clues. The first time I was commissioned to train an entire company of salespeople, I met with the top four sales performers. What they were doing was slightly different. I trained the entire company on what the top performers taught me. I taught them their beliefs, their values, and their techniques. The results: within three months some of the top 10 performers had doubled their sales and some of the lowest performers in the company went all the way to the top. I knew if this worked in this company, I could teach it to other salespeople in different industries by finding out what the top performers did differently than everyone else. The Sales Academy is the result of learning exactly what top sales performers in all different industries are doing better than everyone else. That’s what you’ll get from this program.

Dave Romeo — creator of the Sales Academy

Here’s a free tip from the Sales Academy that’s worth millions of dollars.

Start with the closest thing to money. Most salespeople are not good time managers – especially if they are running their own business. One of the first lessons I train my coaching clients to do is to start each day doing the closest thing to money. It means that you do not do anything else until you close any existing business that could be putting money in your pocket. After that, you work backwards by doing the next closest thing to money. Once you’ve made this a daily ritual, you won’t believe how much additional sales you are closing because you’re taking care of your primary responsibility and no longer frittering time away.

International sales success!

“I found Dave Romeo’s Sales Academy training to be an excellent refinement to my existing sales knowledge in an up-close and personal setting. With the techniques and knowledge that I gained, I landed my first ever, multi-million-dollar, international account. I accomplish this by committing to my commitments, being super-responsive, always starting with the closest thing to money, and many other valuable techniques you will learn in the Sales Academy. I have no doubt that if you use these techniques, you, too, will find true success.”

Nate Serino
Digital Solutions

The Story That Never Changes

By far, one of the biggest reasons for the Sales Academy’s success is The Story That Never Changes. Participants learn how to hone their compelling story of the turning point that led them into the role they’ve chosen as a sales professional. It captures their passion and conviction for why they do what they do. Once you learn how to communicate your story that never changes to your prospects, it will not only make them want to buy, it will make them want to buy from you!

“I just landed a $100,000 contract,
which is a huge contract for my business right now.”

“There were six bidders and I was the highest bid by 10% and the youngest company in the business. There were so many things I used from the Sales Academy to help me land that contract. I use The Only Four Benefits People Buy frequently. I learned how to connect with them. But the most effective tool was The Story That Never Changes. Tell your students to write it on their hearts and use it every time, because that makes all the difference in the world.”

Scott Steffan
Sound Video Lighting Solutions​

Are you ready to change your life?

There’s no better or faster way for you to start closing bigger sales and sell with more confidence in a way that customers will love. The Sales Academy program is available for you to learn at your own pace — anywhere and anytime. Change your family’s income and delight your customers.