The More Painful The Experience, The More Valuable The Lesson

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The More Painful The Experience, The More Valuable The Lesson

Encourager-In-Chief: November 3rd, 2021

Learn from your turning points.

In my book, Stumbling onto Success, I included a chapter titled Understanding the Purpose of Pain. In it, I explain that pain is meant to call our attention to a problem to which we are not paying enough attention. It follows then that the more pain we experience, the more important the problem and thus, the lesson. If you think back on some of the most painful experiences of your life, they no doubt led to important breakthroughs and learning experiences for you.

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One of my earliest jobs right out of high school was working as a temporary employee in a lumberyard. Naturally, I wore work gloves to handle a lot of the rough wood. On the first or second day that I was there, I was introduced to the foreman of the lumberyard. I naïvely went to shake his hand but neglected to remove my work glove first. He shook my hand and pulled the glove off my hand and threw it on the ground. He said, “You don’t shake someone’s hand with a work glove on.” This was in front of a number of other people and so I was embarrassed for not knowing something so obvious to everyone else. My point is that it was an important lesson and one that I have never forgotten. Any slight embarrassment I might’ve experienced was a minor pain compared to learning good manners for the rest of my life.

A slightly more painful lesson came years later when I lent a relative of mine money so he could “pay his rent.” As it turned out, he didn’t want the money to pay his rent. He used it for who knows what. However, shortly after, that his marriage broke up and it was revealed that he was involved in some unscrupulous behavior and activities.

The most painful thing about that learning lesson was that I realized I couldn’t trust him. I also realized that I have to be more discerning when making decisions involving trust and money. Not that these were bad lessons to learn. They just required a loss of innocence — which is usually painful. However, wisdom strengthens us and serves us well and often uses painful lessons to remind us to be good students.

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Any fool can know. The point is to understand.
- Albert Einstein

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Learning from Your Turning Points

Learning from Your Turning Points


Let me hear from you!