Don't Get Hijacked By Your Website Host.

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Don't Get Hijacked By Your Website Host.

Encourager-In-Chief: June 16th, 2021

Forewarned is forearmed

Recently, I had to change my website host. It’s not the first time I’ve had to do this but it certainly was the most negative experience I’ve had. As soon as the website host learned of my decision, things became increasingly more difficult to get any cooperation from the owner. It didn’t help that he had moved from Pennsylvania to Hawaii, and then to California.

There were other trouble signs along the way too. For example, he started continually referring to me as “his smallest customer.” He repeatedly asked me to increase his monthly service payments and continuously kept saying that he had used up all the time allocated to work on my account for the month — sometimes as early as the 5th or 6th of that very same month.

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Probably the most ironic aspect of this experience was that he was referred to me by one of my clients because she was having difficulty with her current website host in turning over information to somebody new. I later learned that she never did sign with my former website host.

So, what are you supposed to do if you find yourself in a similar situation? First, do your homework and your research. Make sure that you know who you will be working with and what the company’s reputation is. Second, make sure everything is spelled out in writing. Get clarification on anything that is unclear or that doesn’t make sense. Strike out anything that you do not want to accept. Third, do reference checks with existing clients and preferably with any former clients who have left the website host in the past. Don’t be afraid to ask them to describe their experience of leaving the website host. Fourth, make sure that you outline an exit strategy in your agreement, just in case you decide to leave this vendor someday. No reputable company should hesitate about putting this in writing.

This won’t guarantee that you’re never going to have a problem with a supplier, but it should reduce the likelihood that you end up working with a nightmare vendor or having your website, your online presence, and your social media presence hijacked by nefarious, quasi-professional business people.

Let me hear from you.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
- – Axiom

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Learning from Your Turning Points

Learning from Your Turning Points


Let me hear from you!