Are You A Good Judge Of Character?

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Are You A Good Judge Of Character?

Encourager-In-Chief: April 21st, 2021

It’s easier than you think.

I recently had a television sponsor who backed out of his commitment at the last moment. Luckily, I was able to replace his spot with one telephone call. How did I accomplish this so quickly? It’s because he gave me every indication that he was not a man of his word. Let’s go through the signs.

First, he had to speculate whether or not he wanted to do this for a day, even though the amount was only a $150 decision. Next, he said he would do it, but needed me to wait two months before I ran his credit card. Third, he asked me to meet him to help with a business project he was working on and then did not show. In addition, he didn’t call to let me know he wasn’t coming, he didn’t call me back when I called him, and he didn’t email me to let me know what happened — all this between the time we were supposed to meet and two months later when I was supposed to run his credit card.

When I went to run his credit card, it declined — as expected. I called him to let him know I had a problem running his credit card and I sent him an email stating the same information. To his credit, he did call me back the same day. However, instead of making other arrangements to pay, his first indication was to back out gracefully and let me find somebody else to take the last spot. When I suggested that he give me another date on which he could pay, he wondered why I was questioning his character. He then hung up. (I’m not making this up!)