Become A Positive Influence To Others.

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Become A Positive Influence To Others.

Encourager-In-Chief: March 10th, 2021

Use your talents for good.

Have you ever caught yourself talking somebody else into doing something that you wanted? Most of us have done that. Maybe it was talking a friend into going somewhere you shouldn’t go. The fact is, we influence each other all the time but the question is, are we doing it for the right reasons?

At an early age, I discovered that I could be very persuasive in convincing people to do things just by using the mere power of suggestion. I always marveled how, with the slightest recommendation, people would automatically go along with my ideas.

But while it’s great to have influence, it’s also important to have responsibility. We don’t want to talk people into do something that would be detrimental to them or others.

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When I used to work for a staffing company as a recruiter, the company was sold and I was asked to take a personality profile. Most of the comments were as I expected; however, there was one comment that really stood out to me. It said that I could talk people into believing my point of view no matter what was. When I read that, I was very upset. It sounded as if I was talking people into doing things they didn’t otherwise want to do. To counteract this, I decided not to use any influence or persuasion when I was presenting jobs to job applicants or job applicants to hiring employers. Do you want to know what happened? My sales plummeted! What I took as being a negative was actually a strength. Employers needed to hear my confidence and belief in the job applicant in order to give the person a chance. The job applicants needed to hear my confidence and belief in them that they could do the job, that they would be great at it, and that they were making good decisions for them and their families.

When it comes to influence and persuasion, we have to make sure that we are putting our customers’ needs ahead of our own and that what we are recommending is in their best interest. When we do this, we are influencing others for the better and we are using our talents for good.

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The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.
- Ken Blanchard

This excerpt is taken from my seminar The Fine Art of Influence and Persuasion.I encourage you to register for this great Zoom presentation event on Thursday, March 25, 2021 from 9 am to 12 noon Eastern Standard Time.

The Fine Art Of Influence And Persuasion


Let me hear from you!