Learn From Your Turning Points.

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Learn From Your Turning Points.

Encourager-In-Chief: February 17th, 2021

They will bring you experience and wisdom.

Everyone knows that the benefit of going through life’s challenges is that you gain wisdom and experience. So, what are you using from what you’ve learned? Sometimes, we miss the lessons because they are so subtle. Their true benefit may not be apparent until many years after the lessons occur.

When I was 25 years old, I found myself with an unexpected dilemma. I had caught 3,001 largemouth bass in 77 days of fishing. I had everything authenticated by state officials and the editor for the Guinness Book of World Records admitted to me that it was a world record. However, since there was no previous record in my category, he said that they didn’t want to include my record in the Guinness book because they did not believe there were enough people who would have an interest in such an achievement.

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While I was perfectly content to let the matter drop had it not been a world record, I couldn’t give up knowing I had done something that no one else had ever done before. Instead, I persisted and contacted every party I could think of who was connected to my record. This included tackle shops where I bought my gear and bait; tackle companies whose products I used to accomplish this feat; politicians in whose towns and parks I had fished; and outdoor writers and television personalities who had documented my story.

By using the power of influence and persuasion, I was able to not only convince the editor of the Guinness book to include my record, but I was also fortunate enough that he became my mentor and awarded me my first book contract. He even further honored me by editing my first two books.

What I learned from this turning point was that without any formal authority or power, I was able to rally people to my cause and assist me in accomplishing my goal. As a result, my life has been unrecognizable since that point. I went from being an introvert to an extrovert and someone who was deathly afraid of public speaking to someone who makes his living as a national motivational speaker.

The point is, your turning points will have a major effect on who you are, where you go, and how far you will fly. As you realize that you are experiencing a major turning point in your life, seek to gain all the knowledge and wisdom you can glean from it and put it to good use to serve you in accomplishing your biggest goals.

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A man who carries a cat around by the tail will quickly learn a lesson he can learn and no other way.
- Mark Twain

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Learning from Your Turning Points

Learning from Your Turning Points


Let me hear from you!