Don’t Oversell What You Sell

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Don’t Oversell What You Sell

Encourager-In-Chief: January 13th, 2021

Match your marketing to your offerings.

When it comes to promoting your business, great marketing can be more devastating than poor marketing if what you’re selling is not up to the hype. Years ago, I had just moved to Pennsylvania and was unemployed. I was looking for any type of work. I found an ad that said you could work from home and proofread for major publishers. I don’t remember how much it cost to buy this program but I’m sure it was several hundred dollars. It sounded pretty good, so I sent in my check. What I got back was a letter encouraging me to learn proofreading and an outdated hardcopy mailing list of publishing companies. I certainly felt like I was ripped off. I contacted the company and they returned my money.

Ironically, if the company had had poor marketing, I would never would’ve known anything about them and I wouldn’t have felt that they were scamming people — like me. The point is, you have to make sure that what you want from your marketing is going to live up to the customers’ expectations when they get it.

In 2019, I was talking to one of my mentors and we were discussing how Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken had been getting incredible press due to the popularity of a new chicken sandwich. People took to the social media claiming that Popeye’s offering was even better than that of Chick-fil-A’s. As a result, customers swarmed Popeye’s for the new sandwich only to find out that they could not keep up with the demand. Many of angry would-be customers took to Facebook to slam the fast-food restaurant because they didn’t have any products to sell. Fights even broke out among patrons who were trying to get the chicken sandwich amidst the scarcity.

I must admit that I had never been to a Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken restaurant in my life. However, while I was visiting my brother in Florida, I arrived a little early and decided to try one of these highly-publicized sandwiches. By this time, I didn’t have any trouble purchasing one but I have to say, I found it very average. It certainly wasn’t anything that I would’ve made a big deal about.

Granted, it’s a delicate balancing act to promote what you sell and to make sure what you’re saying is truthful. When you promote your offerings, make sure that you will have it available for customers and that they will not be disappointed with your products or services when they get them.

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Don’t make your story better than your store.
- Murray Raphel

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Network and Marketing Mastery II: Making Marketing Profitable

Network and Marketing Mastery II: Making Marketing Profitable


Let me hear from you!