The Day I Found Out I Was In Sales.

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The Day I Found Out I Was In Sales.

Encourager-In-Chief: May 13th, 2020

Sales is all about service.

I want to tell you how I found out I was in sales. I had been working as a printing-industry recruiter for two years at the time. One of the people I placed in a job called to ask me if his benefits would start sooner than the 90-day probationary period. I checked my notes about his offer of employment and found that that was not the case. He said, “I asked the human resource manager, who said, ‘Dave Romeo is a super-salesman and if he told you that getting your benefits sooner, there’s nothing I can do about it.’”

First of all, I would never promise anybody benefits unless the client told me that was part of the deal. Secondly, I was crushed. Do you know why? Because my client called me a salesman! I was so upset I called one of my best customers that day and said to her, “Would you believe that one of my clients called me a salesman?” I’ll never forget her response. She said, “But you’re so good at it.” What!

You see, up until that time, I always thought I was in customer service. After all, that’s what I knew. Also, my perception of salespeople back then was of the stereotypical used-car salesman in the cheap, plaid suit chasing after cars as they were driving off the lot.

But I realized something: I had been doing that job for two years and I hadn’t lost a single customer. I figured that I had to be doing something right and I’d better figure out what it was before somebody smarter than me stole all of my customers. That’s how I found out I was in sales.

Ironically, today I train salespeople for living and one thing I’ve learned is to make sure they understand all about customer service. Service is all about selling. It’s easy to get somebody to buy from you once but they’ll only come back if they feel that you add value. You do this by making him feel great, important, and special. The more you take care of your customer, the more your customers will take care of you.

I teach salespeople about customer service and I teach customer service people about sales.
- Dave Romeo

This blog is based on information from my seminar entitled, Think like a Customer.

The Psychology Of Selling I: Think Like A Customer


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