Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #8

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Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #8

Encourager-In-Chief: October 9th, 2019


When you first get promoted into a position of leadership, one of the first things you are likely to notice is that things that former peers let you get away with when you were “one of them” will now come back to haunt you because of your new role. And guess what? The higher up you go, the more criticism you will receive for your flaws that your “buddies” never seemed to mind.

The reason for this is because we expect our leaders to be held to a higher standard. While this may not always ring true in politics, nevertheless, that’s what people will be expecting from you as their leader and heaven help you if you don’t work on your congruency.

Congruency is nothing complicated. All it means is that your words match your actions. If you say one thing and do something else, believe you me, word will spread far and wide to anyone within earshot before you can even spell “inconsistency.” This is probably the most difficult challenge new leaders face, besides the fact that many of your former peers will not want to associate with you in social settings as much or at all anymore.

Understand that this has less to do with you and everything to do with human nature. It’s actually good for you to remain a little bit aloof so people do not take advantage of you and your new level of authority. The easiest way to navigate these complicated waters is to treat people with respect and do what you say you will do. You still won’t make everybody happy, but you’ll fare a lot better than if you don’t keep your word—even once.

Make your word your bond.
- Anonymous

This excerpt is taken from my Leading with Integrity seminar.

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