Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #5

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Top 10 Leadership Blunders: #5

Encourager-In-Chief: October 30th, 2019

Not adequately training your people.

My wife and I have recently been watching reruns of the TV show “Scrubs.” It’s about doctors who work in a teaching hospital. In this particular episode, a young doctor is now put in the position to train interns. Naturally, the intern he’s responsible for training is very inexperienced and makes frequent mistakes. Not too long after the training begins, the doctor gets very frustrated with his intern and vents his frustrations on the neophyte.

In the next scene, he learns that his intern quit. When the head nurse approaches the doctor, the doctor’s response was, “he should quit. He failed.” The nurse, who is more experienced in her role then the doctor, replies, “he didn’t fail. You did! You’re supposed to train him.”

Anyone who is a fan of professional sports can accurately predict what will happen to any team when it consistently loses games over an extended period of time. The first reaction from the general management will be to replace the coach. Why? Because it’s very difficult to replace an entire team and, often when the right coach comes in, they evaluate the team, correct the errors, perhaps make a few changes, and turn the team around.

The reality is everyone needs training. You don’t win the most talented players. You win when the players you have to work with understand their roles and are inspired to give their best every single time. Remember, people will follow a leader before they will follow a cause. When your people understand and know that you believe in them and want them to succeed as individuals, they are much more likely to follow your leadership.

When I worked as a recruiter for the printing industry, I was the number one recruiter in the United States. When I gave up this role to become a speaker and a coach, our company went through many different recruiters to take over that position. Without fail, the recruiters with whom I invested the greatest amount of time training became the best recruiters in that position.

Training is not a waste of your time. It is one of the most valuable investments you can ever make in the future of your business and the people you serve.

Leadership is not a perk to be exploited. It is a burden, a responsibility, and a privilege. It is an opportunity to serve others.
- Dave Romeo

This excerpt is taken from my Leading with Integrity seminar.

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