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Select a mentor.

Encourager-In-Chief: July 24th, 2019

Gain a lifetime of experience from somebody else’s lifetime.

Do you have a mentor? I hope you answered, “yes.” Anyone running a business or working in sales should have a mentor to turn to, to ask questions of, to gain support and insights, and to inspire you. A mentor should not be someone to whom you directly report. A mentor is usually more objective. There should not be any consequences, such as the fear of losing your job, when confiding in a mentor.

Mentors are great sources of valuable insights, knowledge, wisdom, people skills, judgment, and how to read different situations. They tend to have more experience than you and greater maturity. Select a mentor with these qualities and it will help you avoid many costly mistakes. Not all, mind you. After all, we learn from our mistakes and you will be able to discuss them with your mentor, so the lessons will not be wasted.

Mentors tend to be positive people. Don’t select a mentor if he or she is a chronic complainer or is constantly putting you down. That’s not what a mentor is for. In fact, in general, you should just avoid toxic people whenever possible, especially if you’re running your own business. Mentors love to encourage their protégés—the people they mentor. In general, no matter what your mentor says to you, you should always feel better after the two of you have a heart to heart talk.

A mentor is somebody who believes in you and wants you to succeed—even if that means that you will surpass your mentor’s accomplishments. Mentors are not petty. They take genuine joy and pride in seeing you achieve your goals.

Mentors are smart. They love to share what they know and pass it along to others, which in turn extends their reach and builds their legacy. And no one ever said you can only have one. When it comes to mentors, the more the better. And hopefully, when the time comes, you’ll take up the role yourself to mentor somebody else.

Find someone you can pour yourself into.
- John Gill

This excerpt is taken from my Become a Leader Worth Following seminar.

Become A Leader Worth Following


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Become a Leader Worth Following


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