Stop shooting yourself in the foot!

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Stop shooting yourself in the foot!

Encourager-In-Chief: June 5th, 2019

Lesson 2: Certification versus Qualifications.

I realize that most business owners do anything they can to get business when they’re first starting out. I remember one of my clients who owned his own roofing company telling me in 2008 when the economy tanked, that anyone with a ladder and a truck who found himself unemployed instantly became a roofer. This was a low barrier to entry. As a result, the competition field gets much more crowded.

I see the same thing with coaches. There is virtually no barrier to entry to be a coach. That’s not a bad thing, but what I find ironic is that new coaches will plunk down a few thousand dollars to become “certified” coaches. They use it as a way of differentiating themselves from “noncertified” coaches. The problem with this is they think that being certified is the same as being qualified. Nothing could be further from the truth. What differentiates a true coach from a poser are results.

At a recent business expo, I met a brand-new coach. She asked me how long I had been a coach. I said 20 years. She asked if I was certified. I said no. She said, “oh, so you don’t have any credentials.” (I’m not making this stuff up!)

I thought to myself, I’ve completed 4,000 goals out of 4,000 goals over the past 15 years; I’ve authored 17 books; I held a Guinness world record for more than half my life; I’ve run a successful business for over 20 years; created an online university; I host my own television series; and I’ve recorded 50 CDs and DVDs. I’ve seen my coaching clients repeatedly grow more profitable, author books, get out of financial debt, be promoted, and become million-dollar salespeople. Just imagine how much more I could have done if only I was certified!

The point is, being certified just means you paid somebody else to say you’re qualified. What truly qualifies anybody for what they do are results. If you’re not getting results for your customers, you won’t have a very long career and you won’t be able to stay in business—certification or not. Don’t delude yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being certified unless you think that alone is enough to serve your customers. In the end, it’s they who will decide.

You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.
- Henry Ford

This excerpt is taken from my Coaching and Mentoring Mastery seminar.

Inspired Leadership VI: Coaching And Mentoring Mastery


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