Beware of the bait and switch

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Beware of the bait and switch

Encourager-In-Chief: June 26th, 2019

Don’t use it or fall for it.

Recently, one of the Sharks from the TV show Shark Tank (I won’t say which one but it was one of the guys) advertised that his success formula presentation was coming to my town. I signed up for it and invited one of my clients. I also saw two of my other clients at the same event. To our disappointment, the event was a rip-off.

Even though there were life-size posters of the Shark in the hotel lobby and in the meeting room, the Shark was a no-show, although he did appear in a brief video at the beginning and at least one time later in the presentation.

Instead, one of the Shark’s representatives did the presentation, which was okay. The biggest problem with this event was there was no substance. The entire event was geared towards getting the attendees to sign up to work with the Shark’s team. The asking price—$4,995. However, as a special “deal”, the price was dropped to $1,995 and you could bring a business partner or guest for free.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with anyone holding a free event in the hopes of getting more business. The problem was the event was viewed as a total rip-off, bordering on looking more like a scam. How do I know? On the break, I informed my guest that I was planning to leave. He also said that he was going to leave. Not only did he leave, but 75% of the attendees left on the break.

The presenter did his best to indicate that they wanted to separate “the serious from the curious.” Unfortunately, the whole experience just smelled really bad and left a horrible taste in the mouths of those who attended. Remember, folks, everybody loves to buy but nobody likes to be sold.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, remember the first rule of getting a free presentation is to give away your best stuff. This way, nobody can criticize you for wasting their time. The idea is that if the free stuff is really good, what you’re charging $5,000 for must be even better. No matter what your business, always make sure you provide value, even if it’s for free.

Don’t make your story better than your store.
- Murray Raphel

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