Why I refuse to text.

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Why I refuse to text.

Encourager-In-Chief: May 8th, 2019

Communication is everything!

Years ago, a couple of seminar attendees were kidding each other back and forth. One was always asking the other one for help. He teased the other one about the number of calls he made to him and how many times the second man had to return his calls.Annoyed, the second man said, “from now on, you’re getting a text.” In other words, instead of allowing this man to talk to him and ask questions, he was “punishing this man” by only communicating him through text messages.

Another one of my clients mentioned that he had been trying to reach his 20-year-old son repeatedly by phone. What really frustrated him was, instead of his son calling him back, he sent a text asking his father what he wanted.

I’m not against texting altogether. It’s just not for me. I know there are some times where it may be preferable but from what I’ve seen, most people use it improperly. Don’t be one of them. One of our gifts for building relationships is our proper use of communication. I consider it disrespectful for somebody who is available to speak with you in real time, but hides behind an answering machine or text messages to avoid making actual synchronous communication with you.

There are now more text messages being sent in one day than there are human beings living on the planet. You can’t tell me that all of these messages need to be sent by texts. Forget about how easily you can be hacked and have your identity stolen. It’s just impolite and in some cases downright rude when someone wishes to speak with you and hold a conversation.

Today, most people are so self-absorbed with checking their phones that they are allowing the world to pass them by. They’re losing the ability to interact with other human beings in a personal and meaningful way. If you feel you must text, do it in an appropriate and practical manner. Leave yourself sometime to actually talk to other people face-to-face. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve been missing.

No man ever listened himself out of a job.
- Calvin Coolidge

(This excerpt is taken from my How to Make a Perfect First Impression seminar).

How To Make A Perfect First Impression


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