Staying power is everything!

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Staying power is everything!

Encourager-In-Chief: April 17th, 2019

Set out to complete what you start.

One thing that has always fascinated me is that I can go into a room and do a presentation and make a connection to somebody in that room that will last for decades, but, at the same time, I may not see any of the other people from the presentation again. I’ve also been intrigued how some people start out so strong and come week after week to my seminars and then, one day they just stopped coming.

I have not been able to draw a pattern according to age, occupation, or any other factor. The only thing that seems to differentiate those who stick with it from those who don’t is staying power.

Staying power is what keeps you committed to your outcome even when your mind, your body, and your stamina start working against you. Staying power is one of the greatest differentiating factors in human history. It kept Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel for four years even though it cost him partial loss of his eyesight. It’s what fueled George Washington’s troops fighting in snow without any boots. It’s what drives soldiers who lose a limb to eagerly want to return to their comrades in arms.

Unfortunately, many of us have gotten soft. We allow adversity and difficulties to get the better of us and we give up far too easily on our dreams, our goals, and our commitments.

The greatest turning point in your life occurs when you decide not to give up on a task when it becomes difficult. Learn to count on yourself and to stay with what you begin until it’s been completed. People will look at you with respect and admiration, knowing you are a person of your word.

In a world of starters, I want to be a finisher.
- Bob Melnick

This excerpt is taken from my Communication Excellence V: Focus, Follow-up and Follow Through seminar.

Communication Excellence V: Focus, Follow Up, and Follow Through


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