Face Your Fears: Climb The Wall

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Face Your Fears: Climb The Wall

Encourager-In-Chief: February 6th, 2019

Break down your barriers.

My wife and I were recently watching a Hallmark movie that centered around Navy seal training. A romance writer who was doing research for her book wanted to experience basic seal training. She kept getting stuck when coming to a 13-foot wall which she was supposed to scale using a rope. Eventually, she’s able to scale it with the help of her seal team. Later in the movie, she gets stuck at another point in life and her seal team members tell her what she needs to do to face her fears. They simply say, “climb the wall.”

I realized how important a message this is, not just to the writer in the movie, but to all of us when we must face our fears. In my personal case, one of my biggest fears was public speaking. I lived in dread of this for so many years. When I was in college, I used to tape record my oral reports at home and then play them back for the other six people in my class. Today, I make my living as a motivational speaker and I get very antsy whenever I have a few days off. I’m only in this position today because I learned to climb my wall.

Years ago, I was on the bill with another speaker, Stan “Breakthrough” Harris. He got his nickname by having people positioned around the room so he could break boards with his feet while he was giving his presentation. It was very memorable. The boards represented barriers to success. That image still inspires me to this day.

Is there a wall or a barrier that is preventing you from reaching your full potential? The barrier usually is attached to a fear, whether real or imagined, that is stopping you from breaking through. I’m challenging you to face your fears and climb the wall that is keeping you from achieving your destiny. Once you get on the other side, you’ll never look back. Just keep moving forward and get ready to climb the next wall. You’ll find it much easier after you’ve done it once.

You can’t reject me because if you don’t want what I sell, you’re not the one I was looking for.
- Stan “Breakthrough” Harris

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