Never Say Never!

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Never Say Never!

Encourager-In-Chief: January 23rd, 2019

Persistence pays off.

Recently, I was selling sponsorship opportunities for my television series Focused on Success with Dave Romeo. This is a very time-consuming process because most of the small businesses I call have never advertised on television before. There are a lot of unknowns, so they are hesitant, and it usually requires multiple phone calls in order to finally close a sale. I want to encourage you not to give up too quickly.

One of my clients introduced me to a young woman who had just started her own human resource consulting business. The first time I spoke to her was by phone. We had a very nice conversation and then I could not get her on the phone again for nearly 2 months. She didn’t return any of my phone calls and even my contact who introduced us said she had been indecisive with him as well.

You might think I was wasting my time continuing to contact her. I sent her an email recommending an upcoming seminar on how to survive and thrive in your own business and she instantly replied, saying she could not make it because of a conflict. I took the opportunity to reply to her and show her what the television advertising spot for her business would look like.

When I checked my email the next morning, she sent me a superior version of the graphics for her TV ad. I asked her if she could contact me so we can take care of payment arrangements and she called me within minutes of receiving my email. I now have a new customer.

Another one of my clients sponsored the first year of the television series. After that, I had not seen him since the pilot was shown at launch party for the show. I couldn’t get him on the phone for nearly one year. I decided to send him an email mentioning that one of his customers (and mine) was going to be featured on an upcoming television episode and asked him if he had an interest in sponsoring her episode.

The next thing I knew, he called me that same day to make sure he could get a spot to advertise on that episode. I got one of my first season sponsors back. People asked me if calling people over and over again to close a sale bothers me. The answer is, “no.” It bothers me if I don’t call them because that will guarantee that I will lose the sale. Never count somebody out unless they tell you they do not want what you have. People do things for their reasons and on their timetable. If you want more business, stay committed and focused on achieving that outcome.

Someone once asked me how many times I call on a prospect before I give up. I said it depends on which one of us dies first.
- Harvey Mackay

This excerpt is taken from my The Psychology of Selling V: Selling What People Really Want seminar.

The Psychology Of Selling V: Selling What People Really Want


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