Love What You Sell. Sell What You Love.

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Love What You Sell. Sell What You Love.

Encourager-In-Chief: January 30th, 2019

Is this what’s holding you back?

I was recently speaking with one of my entrepreneurial protégés in Utah who has been running her business for quite some time. An issue came up when she needed to invest further money in her business in order to grow it. Her husband was concerned about putting more money into her business because her sales were low.

At that moment, I knew exactly where the bottleneck was. I explained to her that what was holding her back was that she needed to love selling what she makes as much she loves making them. This is a common problem for many business owners.

Many of us would be very happy if the phone would ring off the hook or our website would blow up with people ordering our products and services. That is not always realistic in our society. You have to love what you sell as much as you love making it or providing it to your customers.

My first business was running bass fishing torments. I can still remember the adrenaline rush I would get when I’d race home on my lunch hour and check my mail box and find envelopes filled with people’s tournament registrations and checks signing up to participate in my tournaments. It wasn’t about the money. It is about the fact that people I’d never met in my life were sending me money because they believed in me and they believed that they were going to have a great time participating in my fishing tournaments. To this day, I get the same thrill when orders come through from customers ordering my books, CDs, DVDs, or signing up for seminars or Academy seats. It means these people are validating what I do for a living. What could possibly be better than that?

If you find that your actual sales are lagging behind your imagined sales, practice pouring on the enthusiasm that comes when people validate that they love what you do. When you learn to love what you sell as much as you love doing what you sell, you will be a massive success.

Confidence and enthusiasm sell.
- Dave Romeo

This excerpt is taken from my Sales Academy seminar. I encourage you to register for my spring Sales Academy program.

Love What You Sell. Sell What You Love.

Love What You Sell. Sell What You Love.


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