Let People Fire Themselves

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Let People Fire Themselves

Encourager-In-Chief: December 19th, 2018

Set people up to succeed.

One of the least favorite tasks leaders face is firing employees. This is especially painful if you have invested a great deal of time and money into the person. You feel like your investment has just gone down the drain. Even worse, you may feel guilty for causing someone else to lose his or her job and go without a paycheck.

The truth is, it’s only your fault if you did not adequately show the person what he or she needed to know in order to succeed. A person needs to be authorized, empowered, and equipped for the job he or she is expected to do.

Authorizing means the person’s role and duties are acknowledged to all. Make a formal announcement of their position so everyone knows you want this person to do this particular job. Empowering means you give the person permission to perform the job properly without having to check with you first on every little detail. Empowering is a combination of freedom and responsibility. Make sure the person has the right amounts of each.

Equipping means you make sure the person has the tools, resources, knowledge, and training to do the job. Once you have provided all of these, it’s up to the person to succeed. Make sure you let the employee know exactly what you expect of him or her. Spell out clearly the rewards for doing their job properly and the consequences of not doing it correctly. Draw a map for them, if you have to.

By doing this, the person is now in control of his or her outcome and results. Be an encourager and supporter but don’t be “the bad guy” if someone is given the tools to succeed and still does not make the grade.

Set people up for success and let them determine their own destiny.
- Dave Romeo

(This excerpt is taken from my Inspired Leadership II: How to Retain and Inspire Employees seminar. )

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