Being Criticized? Consider The Source.

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Being Criticized? Consider The Source.

Encourager-In-Chief: December 12th, 2018

Try not to take to take things personally.

Let’s face it, whether you own a business or work in somebody else’s business, at some point, you’re probably going to be criticized for your work. Recently, one of my clients mentioned how he had been told three different times by three different people that they didn’t like his outgoing voicemail message. Keep in mind that he did not ask for their input but, because three different people gave it to him, he said he started to get a complex.

We have to allow, at least some of the time, the criticism will be justified and we need to practice humility and look inward regarding our behavior and actions to see if we need to course-correct and adjust. That’s healthy and proper to do. However, be aware that there are some people who are miserable and just love to rain on somebody else’s parade. Don’t be that guy!

As a coach, I frequently give advice and input even if it is not asked for, as long as it is welcomed. Not all of it is going to be positive, but it will always be delivered with the intent of helping the receiver. Criticism is helpful because it lets us know how we are doing, especially if it comes from our staff or our employees (and of course let’s not forget our spouse.)

Still, if you know somebody who is always negative and always finding fault, consider the source before you give yourself a complex. There was a man I knew whose personality was toxic. I nearly lost some good business contacts just because of my association with him. I would send out emails and he would take great joy in mocking me and pointing out all of my typos. As a result, I started only sending my emails to him first, allowing him to catch and point out my mistakes, then correcting the mistakes and sending the email out to the rest of my mailing database. Let that be a lesson: Everybody has something to contribute to your good.

Those only hurt me who are dissatisfied and do not complain. They deny me permission to correct my errors and thus, improve my service.
- Marshall Field

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