Are You A Quitter Or A Committer?

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Are You A Quitter Or A Committer?

Encourager-In-Chief: December 5th, 2018

How serious are you about your success?

I woke up to find an inch of snow on the ground. I was so pumped! I was going to debut my brand-new seminar “Simplify Your Systems” that same day. I went outside to start my snowblower which I had already tested the day before without a problem. It worked for 10 seconds and would not start again. I grabbed my trusty snow shovel only to find out that it was worn out. It cracked after just a few minutes of use. Maybe it wasn’t so trusty after all.

I grabbed another snow shovel which was not as ergonomically correct, yet it did the job in about 40 minutes time. While I was out there accomplishing my goal and getting closer and closer to being able to leave and present my seminar, one of the attendees called to ask if the event had been canceled. I explained that I wasn’t going to cancel it for 1 inch of snow. She then said that she was going to stay home and wanted to know she could get a refund. I said, "no, but she could attend a free makeup for another seminar of her choosing".

Meanwhile, I went back to shoveling. Two words went through my mind at that point: Fear and courage. If you have more courage than fear, you will do what you say you’ll do. If you allow fear to override your courage, you will find a reason to give up on yourself.

How many people’s greatest dreams have gone unfulfilled because of fear? Was yours one of them? You have more control over what happens to your destiny than you realize. Are you going to be a quitter or a committer? I’m challenging you not to give up on your dreams or yourself just because they might require a little bit more effort to achieve. I guarantee you it will be worth it.

Don’t quit! Don’t quit! Don’t quit!
- Alex Kendrick

This excerpt is taken from my Organizational Excellence I: Simplify Your Systems seminar.

Organizational Excellence I: Simplify Your Systems


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