What Do Employees Really Want?

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What Do Employees Really Want?

Encourager-In-Chief: April 25th, 2018

How to hire and keep great people.

I was recently speaking with a man whose business is helping business owners sell their companies. He said the number one reason business owners are selling companies today is that they can’t find good people to hire. While you understand that frustration, there are some things you can do to getting keep good people.

I tell all of my Sales Academy attendees to find out what their customers want. If you are a human resource manager, a business owner, or a department head, you need to find out what your employees want. It doesn’t mean you have to give it to them. In fact, it would be a big mistake to do so. Instead, see if there’s a way that you can help them get what they want by working for you.

For example, I know of a tropical fish store that hires marine biology students from a local college. They offer jobs where students can learn about aquatic life, ecosystems, plants, fish, amphibians, reptiles, pH levels, water conditions, animal behavior, and interaction among different species. All of this can prove valuable to someone who wants to study in that field. While the job probably pays no more than any other entry-level position in the area, it allows students with an interest in this field to get what they want while pursuing their education.

The great motivational speaker Les Brown got his start in radio broadcasting by working as a gofer - someone who did whatever the station manager needed to be done. Often, that included picking up musical artists at the airport and bringing them to the station. By the way, Les Brown wound up marrying Gladys Knight. In addition to making airport runs, Les Brown got the station’s DJs to teach him how to work the soundboard, which led to an early career in broadcasting. Now, as a motivational speaker, he has a commanding presence and a magnificent voice.

If you want people to work for you and stay, keep them challenged, engaged, and growing in a pursuit of their interest. Make your organization a place where people want to invest their time and, before long, you will be known as an employer of choice and a connoisseur of talent.

A good manager is a man who isn't worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him.
- H. S. M. Burns

This excerpt is taken from my How to Hire Winners! seminar.

How To Hire Winners!


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How to Hire Winners!


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