Bring People Together When You Network

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Bring People Together When You Network

Encourager-In-Chief: December 27th, 2017

When you connect others, everyone wins!

I frequently see people who go to Chamber of Commerce mixers every month with their coworkers. I’d be surprised if some of these people ever get a customer from their endeavors because they spend all of their time talking to the same people every month. While there’s nothing wrong with deepening relationships, if you go to a mixer and talk to the same people who you work with every single day, it’s unlikely you are going to get much new business there.

The key to successful networking is figuring out how the person you’re speaking with may benefit by being introduced to somebody else you know. By connecting the dots in your sphere of influence, you become more valuable to both parties.

As you are speaking with each person you encounter, think about people you know who might be good connections to the person you have just met. I try to make it a rule to provide two or three referrals for each new person I meet. How do I make so many referrals? I practice it continuously. The more you do this, the easier it gets. Think of the most impressive people you know and the compliments you’ve gotten in the past by referring these people to others. That will give you a great starting point.

Someone recently mentioned to me that they didn’t make referrals to me because they assumed I already knew the other person. That’s fine, but I’d still rather find out somebody else that I know also knows another contact in my sphere of influence than miss out on meeting a potential new customer. That just helps me to make those relationships and connections even stronger.

If you find yourself doing the same thing, I encourage you to approach networking contacts with the premise that they do not know anybody else in your network. The worst thing that happens is that you now have identified an existing connection between two people you know. That’s a good barometer to know that you’re not overlooking good connections with your business contacts. If nothing else, it validates that you are on the right track to connecting the dots in your network.

Strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet.
- Old adage

(This excerpt is taken from my Networking and Marketing Mastery VI: Maximize Your Network seminar. )

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Bring People Together When You Network


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