How to Keep Up with a Weekly Blog

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How to Keep Up with a Weekly Blog

Encourager-In-Chief: September 13th, 2017

Turn your frustrations into inspirations.

If you want to avoid the pressure of coming up with a fresh new idea for your blog every week, I have some suggestions for you. First, create an inventory of interesting blogs before you begin posting them. Before I began the Dave Romeo: Encourager in Chief blog, I stockpiled more than 80 blogs-- enough to last me more than a year and a half at my weekly pace. That took a lot of the pressure off me and I only needed to come up with about one new blog a week. I encourage you to do the same. Now, you only need to come up with the ideas.

I was recently coaching one of my very best clients and I made him laugh because I said, “I don’t think I’ll have any difficulty coming up with new blogs because I seem to be inspired on a weekly basis by someone giving me such horrible customer service that I will never run out of material.” While it is true that my blogs do not exclusively focus on customer service, the same is true about the other areas on which I comment.

For example, most of my ideas come from people who are new and don’t understand the basic concepts of business. While I realize that this may frustrate other coaches and people, I see it as an opportunity to teach other people some valuable lessons about life and business--frequently in an amusing way.

For example, one of my coaching clients always complained that she had to move because everything bad that ever happened to her happened where she lives now. This comment used to make my head want to explode because I moved to the same town in which she lives and I’ve experienced countless blessings and opportunities here. It had nothing to do with “where she lived”. It had everything to do with “her attitude about where she lives” and the bad decisions she continuously made for herself. Yet, rather than having to deal with the mess of cleaning the entire room because my head exploded, I found it much more productive to transform my frustrations from her comments into a useful blog and chapter. This way, my carpet stays clean and other people can now benefit from having a healthier perspective about the same issue.

Remember that the frustrations you face can be turned into teachable moments that can benefit you and others, if you channel them properly. If you’re going to write a weekly blog, be on the lookout for sources of irritation that are really opportunities in disguise. It will keep your inventory of future blogs at a healthy level and reduce the number of unsightly stains on your living room carpet.

You can dream of greener pastures or bloom where you’re planted.
- Anonymous

This blog is based on information from my personal growth book, Getting Past Your Past.

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Getting Past Your Past


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