Look for the Common Denominator

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Look for the Common Denominator

Encourager-In-Chief: July 26th, 2017

Are you the problem?

Many people are unaware of the role they play in bringing about circumstances they don’t like. When somebody comes to me for job coaching, I listen to their comments as if they were part of a mathematical equation. If somebody tells me he wants a good paying job in a specific industry and I learn that he was previously working for a good company in that same industry, my first question is why did he leave?

If I found out that he was let go, I want to find out more about what happened. It’s not uncommon for me to hear a litany of excuses about what was wrong with that company. More often than not, as I dig further, I discover this is not the first company from which my job coaching client has been terminated.

What is the common denominator? It’s the person seeking another job.

While you are free to seek employment at will, it’s important to realize that wherever you go, you are taking your baggage with you. If we leave the company without learning how to solve the problems you faced there, it’s unlikely that you will know how to solve them at another company. The only difference is you will not have the same seniority that perhaps saved your job longer than you may have deserved.

If you find yourself on a job search every six months, it’s time to reflect and figure out what messages you are communicating to the people around you. This is an ideal time for you hire a coach to ask you some questions and give you objective and constructive feedback on how to improve your odds.

Similarly, if you’re a business owner and you continuously have turnover in the same department, most likely someone in that department is driving away your people. That should be a red flag to you to reevaluate if that person is worth keeping. Remember, if it’s your company, it’s your responsibility to solve the problem.

Start with the premise, ‘I am the problem.
- Ralph Stayer

(This excerpt is taken from my Ultimate Team Building and Empowerment Workshop seminar. )

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