Delivery People Make the Best Salespeople

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Delivery People Make the Best Salespeople

Encourager-In-Chief: June 7th, 2017

Be an ambassador for your company.

Years ago, I was presenting a communication seminar. One of my clients called me to let me know he was sending his father-in-law to the seminar. His father-in-law’s job was to deliver parts to customers. In the seminar, I always ask each attendee to introduce him or herself and say what they do. It was the first time I had a driver attending my seminar, so I was anxious to hear what he had to say.

To my surprise, he introduced himself by saying he was “the ambassador of public relations for his company". It was the best and most appropriate answer I heard all day. What many business owners fail to realize is delivery people are frequently the first employees your customer comes into contact with in your organization.

When I first prepared that seminar, I did a case study on UPS. They clearly understood how valuable their drivers are to their business. In fact, my UPS liaison called their drivers “their living, breathing brand". I couldn’t agree more.

When you send your people on the road in your vehicles, wearing your uniforms, you are letting the entire world know who you are. If they are great, professional, polite, and knowledgeable, that means your company is great, professional, polite, and knowledgeable, too. On the other hand, if they are mediocre, unprofessional, rude, or incompetent, that means your customers see your company as mediocre, unprofessional, rude, or incompetent.

Let me also point out that your delivery people will not only represent you to your customers, but to anybody else who they happen to pass on the open road. One of my customers mentioned that he got a call from a woman driving behind one of his company’s vans. The woman was quite put out as the driver was weaving all over the road and driving recklessly. Keep in mind that this woman was not a customer and it was unlikely she was ever going to become a customer after what she witnessed...but that will not stop her from sharing her experience with people who could be.

When your drivers are in a company vehicle, they are in a moving billboard. Make sure whatever they are showing passersby is going to be worth watching.

You are your company to your customers.
- Dave Romeo

This blog is based on information from my seminar, Connecting with Customers.

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