Move Your Best Customers to the Next Smallest Room

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Move Your Best Customers to the Next Smallest Room

Encourager-In-Chief: March 15th, 2017

Identify your best customers.

Years ago, one of my friends and colleagues, Steve Spangenberg, introduced me to Myron Golden. Myron is a super successful presenter in his own right. I learned this business strategy from him.

Not every customer that does business with you is going to become your best customer. Some might buy a few small items on an infrequent basis. However, there are some customers who will be your best customers and buy from you frequently and in large quantities.

In a business like mine, most customers start coming to me by first taking a $99 3-hour seminar. It’s a very low-cost entry point for people to become my client. Some people will continue to come back while others will just go away. However, some people will “graduate” to the next level of service by signing up for my Sales or Leadership Academies. These people will spend more money to get a greater level of training. Some of my customers will “move into the next smaller room” and become season pass holders. They spend more money to enjoy a greater level of involvement and education.

Additionally, some of my clients move into “the next smallest” and become results coaching clients. These people will pay more money to get individualized personal attention and help, along with solutions to their particular problems. They become extremely valuable and profitable clients because they are serious about doing something about their business results.

I’m challenging you to start looking at your customers and figuring out which ones should be moving into the next smaller room and become your premium customers. This is where you will make the majority of the money and how your business is going to grow more profitable.

You’re either climbing or sliding.
- Tony Robbins

(This excerpt is taken from my Mastering the Can’t Miss Close seminar. )

I encourage you to order my Sell Them What They Want! (Not What They Need!): Using the Only 4 Benefits People Buy book which covers this topic in much greater detail.

Sell Them What They Want (Not What They Need)


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