Challenge People to Solve Ethical Dilemmas

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Challenge People to Solve Ethical Dilemmas

Encourager-In-Chief: February 22nd, 2017

Show people what you expect from them.

Years ago, I asked a woman I knew to join my company and work side-by-side on my team. She was full of energy, extremely customer-focused, and had an exceptional work ethic. When the CEO of our company interviewed her, she said to me, “This woman is very ambitious and driven. How are we going to keep her motivated?”. I said, “Shame on us if we don’t figure out a way to do that and keep her here".

One of the first things I did was to present her with hypothetical ethical business dilemmas that I would then, in turn, ask her to solve. She would think about them and come back with her answers. At that point, we would review her decision and I would share any other relevant insights I had that might help in a real-life problem-solving scenario.

After a few days, she said, “This is great. Just keep doing this every single day". I was challenging her to grow professionally and encouraging her to act with integrity, with the knowledge that she would be supported and backed up for her decisions.

As a result, this became one of the best business teams of which I’ve ever been a part. This woman went on to start two different companies and maintain the same high level of integrity when dealing with her customers and employees.

I challenge you to allow your people to solve hypothetical ethical dilemmas so you can test their character and see how they respond before they find themselves in similar real-life situations.

Forewarned is forearmed.
- Ancient idiom

This excerpt is taken from my Winning with Integrity seminar.

Winning With Integrity


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