Two Words That Will Turn Around Any Problem

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Two Words That Will Turn Around Any Problem

Encourager-In-Chief: January 4th, 2017

Stay focused!

One of the biggest problems entrepreneurs face is being overwhelmed with challenges -- staffing, customers, finances, taxes, and more. There are challenges for your time and they all fight against each other. The key to overcoming them is to stop concentrating on all of them at once and focus on the one with the greatest priority.

In order to get focused, determine which problem is the most urgent and important. Once you’ve done that, clear an area where you can work on this singular problem and move along as far as you possibly can. If you are unable to completely solve the problem, mark it on your calendar so you don’t forget to follow up on it, and put it aside until you are able to bring it to its resolution.

Then move on to the next most urgent problem you are facing. If it helps, you may want to create an on deck-circle of the next most critical challenges which demand your attention. I suggest you keep them just out of view so you do not get overwhelmed by looking at them when you are working on the problem in front of you.

According to Brian Tracy, geniuses work on only one problem at a time. They work on it until it is completely solved, and then they move on to the next project. I recommend you try this method. Who knows? You might be a genius without even knowing it.

Get rid of the outside clutter and you will also remove the inside clutter.
- Dave Romeo

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