Resiliency in the Workplace

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Resiliency in the Workplace

Encourager-In-Chief: September 28th, 2016

Resiliency in the Workplace

I invited my esteemed colleague, Lisa Murray to provide this week’s excellent blog. Enjoy...

Do you bounce back well?

You can’t always control the stress around you in the workplace. However, I’ve learned that you can only control your response to it.

A few months ago, I had to let someone go. She was only on the job for three weeks and violated a company policy. I was not upset about having to fire her. I was more upset about the choice she made professionally. I did not have control over how she acted. I still felt the stress it caused me because it doesn’t feel good to negatively impact someone else’s life, especially a single mom with a young son. I certainly experienced stress from the employees who were left short-handed. I could not control any of that. What I did control was my response to this stress.

I tend to bounce back well. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to break down in a back office and cry some days! As a matter of fact, I came close to it just last week.

How did I react to the office stress that day? I sent out a memo immediately to the employees, to avoid miscommunication, to notify them of the change, and asked anyone with questions to see me. Three employees took me up on that. I had to model a healthy response even to that stress. Modeling resiliency in these moments is critical in any position, especially at the management level.

Although I am starting the recruiting process all over again, which causes me more work and stress, I believe that the process of going through these stressful times helps you build resiliency. It allows you to show co-workers that you can move through the setbacks, becoming stronger as a team, bouncing back together.

“It’s not the people you fire that cause you stress. It’s the ones you don’t fire.” Dave Romeo

Let Lisa hear from you.

Lisa Murray is a practice administrator at Hartzell Eye Specialists in Carlisle, PA and the owner of Lisa Murray Seminars.

(Lisa is also my most popular guest speaker and will be presenting her “Building Resiliency in the Workplace” seminar at Central Penn College in Lancaster, PA on Thursday, October 13, 2016.


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