There Is No Such Thing As "Goal Police"

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There Is No Such Thing As "Goal Police"

Encourager-In-Chief: July 27th, 2016

It's OK to re-evaluate your goals.

One of the most frequent questions I am asked about my goal list is if I ever change any of my goals in the middle of the year. The answer is yes.

People are sometimes surprised that I change my goals. After all, I’m always encouraging you to commit to your commitments. Well, I have a newsflash for you: There are no Goal Police! If you set a goal that becomes impractical and you decide to change it before the end of the year, nobody is going to break into your home in the middle of the night and cart you off to “The Big House"!

Your goal list is designed to empower you, not limit you. Some goals become impractical. For example, in 2009 one of my goals was to buy a brand-new 2010 Saturn SUV. Unfortunately, “The Romeo Curse” kicked in and wiped the Saturn Corporation right off the face of the earth! There was no way to get a 2010 Saturn because the company stop making them in 2009. As a result, I changed my goal to buy a brand-new Saturn, which happened to be a 2009 model.

Remember, your goal list is a means to achieving an end. It’s not an end unto itself. You need to manage it, and when appropriate, re-evaluate and adjust it.

I also recommend that you set additional goals that are not on your goal list. This way, if you can’t achieve one of the goals you originally set for yourself, you don’t need to reduce your total number of goals for the year. Twelve months is a long time to go without any unexpected changes. We both live in the real world. Learning to adapt to it will make you more successful in it.

Don’t be a slave to your goal list. Be its master and let it serve you.
- Dave Romeo

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