More Easy Ways to Make Customers Love You

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More Easy Ways to Make Customers Love You

Encourager-In-Chief: April 20th, 2016

Save your customers money!

The best way for an entrepreneur to gain a competitive edge is to add something simple that customers love...and most competitors are not doing. In my last post, I mentioned that one of the only four benefits people buy is when you help them save time. Today, let’s talk about how you can also help them save money.

You never have to explain to a customer why they should want to save money. They already understand why. What they don’t know is how you can save money for them. That’s where free delivery comes in. Do you already offer free delivery to your customers? If not, why not? Staples does. Of course, its size gives Staples some extra buying power and the value of making multiple stops on the same trip. But if you’re a small business, your customers may be local. You can do the same thing as you grow your business. Visiting clients and talking with them when you’re dropping off a delivery is an excellent way to get repeat customers and develop a strong relationship with people who are already buying from you. Plus, you also have the opportunity to scope out businesses right next to your customers and perhaps pick up new customers.

Another way to save companies money is to bundle your services. Let’s say you are mailing books. Often, you can send two books for the same or close to the same price that it costs you to send one book. If you use media mail when sending books, DVDs, or CDs, you can offer free delivery to clients who are buying a second or third product. Make sure you offer this option as an inducement to get customers already purchasing from you to buy additional items.

I offer my clients a season pass that allows them to take up to 36 seminars in one year at a reduced price. That fills approximately 20 seats in one shot and gets customers to pay in advance for their seminars. I also limit the amount of season passes that can be sold in a year, so my room will be filled but not all of my customers are paying such a drastically-reduced price. This creates scarcity, so the remaining seats can be sold faster.

The more ways you can think to save your customers money, the more interested they will be listening to what kind of deal you’re offering.

Your customers are responsible for your company’s reason for existing.
- Marilyn Suttle

This excerpt is taken from my 12 Easy Ways to Improve Any Business seminar.

12 Easy Ways To Improve Any Business


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