4 Indispensable Steps To Your Success

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4 Indispensable Steps To Your Success

Encourager-In-Chief: January 13th, 2016

One of the first lessons I teach new coaching clients is The Ultimate Success Formula.

There are only four steps involved with this formula, but it will work in any business. There’s only one catch: You have to use them! As easy as they are, I know less than 200 people who follow them faithfully.

So what are these indispensable steps to The Ultimate Success Formula?

Step 1: Commit to Your Commitments. This means you finish what you start. (Hopefully, you have not disqualified yourself already). In a world of followers, be a finisher...no matter how hard, long, or expensive your commitment turns out to be.

Step 2: Be Super-Responsive. Please don’t confuse being responsive with being SUPER-responsive. There is a world of difference. If you call 911 to put out a small fire in your kitchen, you will easily understand the difference in their reaction time to your call (5 minutes = super-responsive, 1 hour = responsive). I’m sure you will feel very differently about 911 depending on their response time.

Step 3: Be Congruent. Forget the math reference. What I mean is make sure your words match your actions. Think of the people in your life who you respect the most. Are they congruent? We like people who are congruent because we know we can count on them. Be the person other people can ALWAYS count on to do what they say they will do.

Step 4: Be Consistent. This step ties the other three steps together. It means you need to finish what you start, respond to prospect/customer/employee requests faster than they expect, and make sure when you give your word you keep your word every single time.

I’m challenging you to practice The Ultimate Success Formula for the next 30 days and watch what happens to your business and your life.

Growth demands a temporary surrender of security.
- John Maxwell

This excerpt is taken from my Sales Academy.

4 Indispensable Steps To Your Success

4 Indispensable Steps To Your Success


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