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Do You Know What the Only 4 Benefits People Buy Are?

It never ceases to amaze me how so many salespeople complicate the selling process. They will talk endlessly to prospects without ever mentioning the only 4 benefits people buy. Let me share this information with you.

People will buy from you if you:
1) Save them time
2) Save them money
3) Provide convenience, or
4) Give them peace of mind

If you are a sales manager, ask your salespeople to name the only 4 benefits people buy. How many sales have been lost because prospects never heard about the benefits your company offers?

If you are a salesperson, ask yourself if you ever say these words to your prospects. Most salespeople talk only about features (For example: how many years your company has been in business, how many locations you have, how big your company is). Prospects don’t care about features and they certainly don’t buy anything because of them. You need to explain your benefits.

If you are in marketing, look at your marketing materials and highlight every time any of these 4 benefits are actually mentioned in your literature or on your website (Don’t allude to these benefits. Use the actual words.) If your company is like most, you will never even need to take the cap off your highlighting marker.

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